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Create the illusion of spaciousness

The living room need not be limited by the enclosing walls—it may be extended in several ways. One way to create the illusion of spaciousness within the room is to use open planning. For instance, large windows and a sliding door oriented towards the patio or porch may extend the living room to the outside. How­ever, a living room that is extended to the outside in this manner may require exterior screening provisions for privacy. Orienta­tion toward a pleasant view is also desira­ble.

This adds to the charm and the beauti­ful appearance of the living room, open planning will extend the living room to the dining room, thus creating the effect of more space. The living room-dining room combination not only allows free and easy movement of traffic within the area, but also allows greater freedom for arranging the furniture. This combination is also very convenient for circulation from the kitchen for entertaining guests.

The type and proper placement of win­dows in the living room are important fac­tors to consider. Windows not only control the natural lighting of the room, but also the arrangement of furniture within the room. In general practice, for adequate natural lighting, the window area should be equal to about one-fourth the total floor space of the room. The windows should be selected so that a person who is either seated or stand­ing in the living room has a view to the out­side unobstructed by the window sills.

Some window types, such as windows which ex­tend from the floor to the ceiling, greatly limit the amount of free wall space for ar­ranging furniture. Generally, living rooms with large glass areas have the furniture arranged away from the windows so as not to obstruct the view. Large windows should face toward the south or southwest (corner location) to receive as much natural light as possible.

Traffic paths in and through a room (1) should be direct and short, (2) should have ample space for freedom of movement, and (3) should not disturb those areas requiring privacy. In some plans the living room is regarded as a type of hall carrying traffic from one part of the house to the other. This can be minimized by changing the door placement. Doors should be placed close to­gether so one may pass through the living room without traveling the full length of the room. An ideal location for entrance and exit doorways is in the corner of the room. Doors and windows should be located so as to leave large unbroken spaces for location of major furniture pieces. When a fireplace is to be included in the design, its location should be either at the center of a living room wall or at a corner. Unless the room is wide, a fireplace located on the side will tend to make the room look narrow. On the other hand, if placed at the end of a room, seat­ing space may be limited. In every case, the fireplace should be away from doors and windows. magxzine


Designing Plantings around your house.

Designing Plantings around your house.

Nature has provided an abundance of plant sizes, shapes, and colors. Therefore, utmost consideration should be given to their efficient placement and combination of vari­ous plant shapes that may be employed. Individual creative ingenuity here may be allowed a wide range. It must be remem­bered, however, that adequate space must be left for growth. Home owners who have neglected this find that after several years their plantings have grown too close to­gether and too near the house. Properly placed plantings, with allowance for spread­ing and growth, should result in a well planned landscaping. It is necessary, of course, to choose native plants, or plants that have demonstrated their growth abil­ity under local soil and climatic conditions.

Trees are usually placed so they provide a maximum amount of shade from the after­noon sun. Selection of trees should be based on their maximum mature height and spread, rapidity of growth, and color. For example, an Ameri­can Elm will reach an adult height of 75', develops a spread of about 50', and grow at a medium rate. The Chinese Elm, on the other hand, reaches a height of about 50', has a maximum spread of about 40', and grows at a faster rate.

Small flowering trees may be used for accent; they usually provide a contrast to shrub plantings. The Redbud, for example, has a spread of approximately 18', grows to a height of 25', and has pink flowers early in the spring prior to its leafing. A Purple Leaf Plum provides colorful foliage through the season and attains a height of 25' with a spread of about 15'.

Evergreens, shrubs and hedges are used to separate the plot from streets and neigh­bors, as well as to divide the driveway, garage, and rear entrance from other parts of the lot.

Plantings around the house, especially the front and sides, add beauty to the house and serve to conceal the concrete founda­tion. Slow-growing compact varieties of plantings should be chosen for this purpose. Higher growing specimens, such as Pfitzer Juniper which reaches a height between 6' and 8' or Cannarti Juniper which grows up to 15', may be placed around corners or along large bare walls where there are no windows.

Low growing evergreens together with annually (lowering shrubs are ideal for plantings near the foundation, for boundary plantings, and for providing color to the landscape. Low evergreens (4' or less), such as Andora Juniper, Dwarf Japanese Quince, Spirea Frobelli, and Mugho Pine are ideal when mixed with low-growing shrubs and annual flowers (e.g., the Flowering Almond, Flowering Quince, and Virginal Mock Or­ange). Taller shrubs (8' to 12'), such as the French Lilac, Nanking Cherry, and Vibur­num, are generally used to bound the site, to screen the private and service areas, and to soften the lines of the building.

Plantings and House Relationship

A good relationship between the plant­ings and the structure is generally the prod­uct of a well planned landscaping.Tall evergreens and shrubs surround the house in such a manner as to block the view from the win­dows. The building might appear dwarfed by these plantings, so that the relationship be­tween it and the surrounding landscape can­not be defined.

 Low shrubs and ever­greens are located below the windows so as not to cover the view. Smaller trees, located otf center and away from the picture win­dow, give contrast between the landscape and the house. Small trees or shrubs at the sides of doorways or garage doors lend beauty to the general appearance of the house, especially at the main cntryway.

Houses which are long and low, look well with plantings at each end. This gives the appearance that the house is tied to the ground. Houses built on a slab generally need very little shrubbery or evergreens be­cause they are built closer to the ground than those houses with a basement or crawl space. magxzine articles.


New York Plantings Garden Designers: Designing and Building your Desired Garden

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors can make your dream garden come into reality with their customer rapport process partnered with their organized process, professional gardening tools and state of the art garden designing program- 3D CAD rendering. New York Plantings Master Gardeners would visit your place and examine all the necessary components in building your garden- the spaces, sunlight availability and direction. They will listen to your requirements and concerns and will sketch your garden design according to your specifications and their opinions with their gardening expertise. New York Plantings Outdoor Carpentry Team and New York Plantings Irrigation and Lighting Division will help in the consultation and planning for your garden constituents, from custom planter box building, deck building with their expertise in Ipe hardwood, up to irrigation installation and maintenance of your garden. They deliver precise plans on accurate measurements and utilizes 3D CAD rendering for more vivid visualization of your garden design. New York Plantings Horticulturists will make sure to give you the best choices of plants from perennials to annuals, they would also assist you in choosing plants for your custom planter boxes and even vines with your pergola installations. They offer the optimal aesthetics of your desire through their exact measurements and realistic renditions for your garden design. For more information about their services contact them at 347 558 7051. You may also like to have your own Zen Garden as they specialize in Asian Garden Design, visit their website to check out some of their finished projects at Visit New York Plantings' Irrigation Page: For Custom Planter Box: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Include us in your Circle: Connect with Todd Nappi on LinkedIn:


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Edible Landscape Design Permaculture Roadside Plantings with Brendon McKeon

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The goal at Serenity Gardens Eco Village is to create a strong foundation for community “food security”. This will be accomplished in two main ways.

First, we will be planting large amounts of perennial landscaping throughout the property on community shared land. Perennial refers to permanent or long lived plants and trees as compared to annuals that must be replanted each cycle. Here in the tropics perennial systems are the foundation for resilient food systems. We will be planting a huge variety of trees including fruit, nut and palms, along with a large variety of other important tree species. In conjunction with the trees we will be creating a diverse system of edible landscaping. The edible landscaping plants will include perennial greens, herbs, spices, medicinals, legumes and root crops. Though the root crops are not considered perennial they require very little maintenance, are very easy to propagate from stem cuttings and thrive here in our tropical climate. Many of these systems will be right along the roadsides making for very easy access to residents. We are calling this “Drive Thru Sustainability”.

The second way we we will accomplish community food security is through educating and encouraging residents to create diverse food systems on their own home sites. We are currently creating a model for this called the “Sustainable Living Project Costa Rica”. You can see more about this system on our you tube video and by checking out our facebook page “Sustainable Living Project Costa Rica”.


Jim Gale………………………………….Developer

Brendon McKeon……………………..Permaculture Designer

Stephen Orth…………………………..Video Production


Soundtrack by Kevin Zacek


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0:28 Planting roadside with edible landscaping and fruit trees

0:35 Perennial beds

0:44 flowers

0:51 variety of different fruit trees

1:19 residents collecting fruits and herbs

1:58 Edible Landscape Design

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Room Orientation when Laying out House Foundation


Room Orientation when Laying out House Foundation

Orientation of large windows should not only be toward the sun, but also, if pos­sible, toward the direction of prevailing breezes and scenic views. In areas where the winter season is very cold, however, large glass areas should not face towards the prevailing winter winds.

Room Orientation when Laying out House Foundation

Orientation toward prevailing winds is important only if the breezes are able to aid in cooling the house during the summer season. Cooling or ventilating the house can be achieved by placing louvered open­ings (slatted openings) above and below the large glass walls or windows.

Prior to planning the orientation of ma­jor rooms, it is advisable to contact the nearest weather bureau office or local air­port for information regarding the direc­tion of the prevailing breezes in the area. Breezes in Illinois, for example, are out of the southwesterly direction during the sum­mer, and out of the northwesterly during the winter.

Existing trees and landscaping, as well as planned future landscaping, must be taken into account to ensure the most pleasing scenic view.

Room Orientation when Laying out House Foundation

Not all the rooms can be oriented toward the most desirable location. Some rooms may have to be placed in locations where their orientation with respect to sunlight, prevailing breezes, or scenic views is un­desirable. When making the preliminary floor plan sketches of the house, major con­sideration should be given to its room orien­tation. The following paragraphs list the suggested orientation of major rooms.

The Living Room should face south and west (corner location is preferable) so it may receive an ample amount of sunshine at all times during the year. This room may view the garden or the patio.

Dining Room. It is generally agreed that the dining room should have an easterly exposure in order to receive the morning sunlight. Also, the dining room may be lo­cated in the southern part of the house.

Kitchen. Most architects suggest that the kitchen face north and/or east. Since most housewives do a considerable part of their work in the morning, sunlight is desirable.

A kitchen with a northern exposure re­mains cool during hot summer afternoons. The kitchen, for convenience, should be located as near as possible to the driveway.

Bedrooms. Usually, bedrooms are ori­ented according to personal preferences. If possible, however, it is better to have the master bedroom oriented towards the south, and the child's bedroom oriented towards the south or southwest.

Studios and Work Rooms. These rooms should be oriented towards the north be­cause natural light is desirable for close work.

Porches and Terraces are generally used for relaxation in late afternoons. It is im­portant, therefore, that these areas either face away from the late afternoon sun, or be protected with plantings, privacy screens, or awnings.

The Laundry and Utility Rooms should have direct access to the driveway. These rooms may be placed in the least desirable location on the site.

Come to one of these free sessions to learn all the ins and outs of the Associated General Contractor's Online Plans service with our specialist. Orientation held at the AGC Offices. RSVP with Lauren at….via AGC Online Plans Room Orientation | Alaska PTAC

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Live rooms proudly boast a war room orientation where everyone sits together, ideally gathering deeper insights and rich actionable meaning from data. Holy Grail kinda stuff. But let's be honest, so many of these gatherings ……via Here's How to Make Your Marketing War Room More Zeitgeist Than


The process of blueprinting

Architectural drawings can be repro­duced for use by clients, contractors, sub­contractors, or suppliers by a number of different methods. Each of the following processes has its advantages and disadvan­tages. These methods are:

  1. Blueprinting
  2. Diazo
  1. Moist
  2. Dry
  1. Photographic
  2. Offset printing
  3. Electrostatic

Of these methods used in the architec­tural field, the diazo type print is the most widely used. The process of blueprinting is the oldest method of reproducing draw­ings. A blueprint (a negative print) derives its name from the blue background and white image. This process, developed in England by Sir John Herschel in 1837, is basically photographic, with the tracing acting as a film negative. Blueprinting re­mained for many years as the chief method of reproducing drawings.

Because of the time and cost required for 3 separate cumbersome steps in blue­printing, a faster means of reproducing prints was devised. This process is known as the Diazo type positive print. Diazo prints may be either moist (called a “B & W” or “black and white”) and dry (called a “white print.”) “Moist” and “dry” refer to the method of developing the exposed paper. Both of these diazo processes are based on the sensitive coatings placed on the paper and the type of developer used.Blueprint drawing of the Ecuador

Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives via Flickr

The dry diazo type of print is most fre­quently found in architectural offices be­cause of its economy in terms of time and materials and the low maintenance factor. Because of these advantages, many archi­tectural offices have a dry-diazo type material.

Topography is an important factor to con­sider when choosing a lot. Note the physi­cal features of the site such as rocks, land slope, and soil condition. Excavations for the footings in rocky or steep sites may prove costly and exceedingly difficult. Lots which are too rocky eliminate the possibility of having a basement. Sloping land offers advantages as well as disadvantages. A slope is an aid to drainage, and a sloping lot lends itself to a partially or fully exposed walk­out basement. However, lots having steep slopes generally require retaining walls and earth fill. 

Be especially wary of lots which have been filled. If a portion or all of the lot has been recently filled, or will require filling prior to the construction of the build­ing, it is possible that the building will settle and crack the foundation. Such damage may occur either during the building construc­tion or at a later date depending upon how fast the fill below the structure settles. If the conditions of the earth are doubtful, it is always wise to have a soil engineer check the site before buying or starting building construction. If the site appears to be ques­tionable, obtain all the necessary informa­tion, including excavation cost estimates, prior to any decision to purchase or to build.

Lot size. Some families enjoy spacious lawns, while others are interested in a mini­mal amount of yard work. Most experts recommend 50' wide by 100' deep as the minimum lot size unless neighborhood conditions, local customs, or land values dictate otherwise. Narrow lots may present difficulties in orientation of the major living areas and/or the placement of the building. Where building restrictions are such that an odd placement of the house is not permitted, a lot frontage of 60' is almost mandatory for sufficient light and ventilation. In many de­velopments, lots vary from 80' to 130' in width and by 100' to 150' in depth.

Include time required for traveling, rather than in terms of mileage. Time is the essential factor. When selecting a site, investigate the public transportation facilities and major traffic arteries which go to commercial and community facility areas. The recommended maximum distances be­tween the home site to be chosen and the different community facilities. The distance between the home and the place of employ­ment is shown in time measure rather than in terms of miles.

Utilities. It is considered essential today to have available such utilities as water, elec­tricity, gas, municipal sewage disposal, storm sewer system, and telephone. In some fringe or suburban areas all such facilities are not available. A nominal fee may be charged for the extension of some or all of these utilities to the prospective site. It is sound business to investigate all these matters.

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Blueprints for enterprises are multifaceted data driven maps. From the different perspectives of the many parts involved in any enterprise, from planning, design and management to executive and stakeholder's levels, there are ……via Business Blueprinting Made easy with Enterprise Evolver


The process of blueprinting
San Francisco Chronicle (subscription)

The process of blueprinting
Blueprints for success for Warriors, Cavaliers
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Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson #11and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry #30 stand on the court in frustration in the third quarter of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets, Monday, May 25, 2015, …

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The process of blueprinting

The process of blueprinting
Exclusive: PlanGrid raises $18 million from Sequoia to digitize construction
A few years ago, two recent college graduates noticed big inefficiencies in the use of paper blueprints in designing and planning new buildings. For one job, a bound set of paper blueprints could cost an astonishing $23,000. It was as if the digital
PlanGrid partners with Sequoia and raises $18 million series APR Newswire (press release)

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The process of blueprinting

The process of blueprinting
Are Blueprints For 3D-Printed Guns Protected Speech?
Wilson also made the blueprints for the gun available for anyone to download on the Internet for free. The plans went viral, though it is hard to say how many of the 100,000-plus people who downloaded the blueprints actually have access to a 3D printer.

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3D Letters Made Orange County

3D Letters Made Orange County. Depending on the scope and frequency of your sign marketing endeavors, after six months it’s time to take stock of where you are and where you’re head­ing with 3D Sign Letters Made Orange County. Some surprising changes may have occurred that require re-evaluat­ing your tools and sign graphics target market(s):

  • You find yourself doing work you hadn’t anticipated when you be­gan, as one client has recom­mended you to another you hadn’t thought to approach.
  • The field you first contacted isn’t supplying you with enough as­signments to support you.
  • You’re finding success locally, but most of your marketing efforts are nationwide.
  • You simply need some fresh im­ages in your marketing materials and portfolio.

Careers evolve, and what was right for you six months to a year ago may not be right for you today. Set aside a day (yes. mark it on your calendar) to review your portfolio, marketing tools, and index cards. Think hard about your current situation, list what you like about it and what you don’t. What can change the nega­tives? A different field, better market research, better pricing standards, schooling to increase skills, more thorough understanding of business concepts, membership in a graphic artists’ organization?

In a review of your marketing tools, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your resume need updating so current clients are listed?
  • Does the artwork on your bro­chure look outdated?
  • Does the written text reflect your current professional image?
  • Would you enjoy a new look to your stationery and business card?

Go through your index file and de­lete cards over a year old from which you’ve had no response. Enough money’s been spent on them. Review the ones left—do they spark any new ideas? Seeing your successes and fail­ures in black and white clarifies why you’ve been successful with some cli­ents and not others.

This is also the time to ask yourself how you feel about free-lancing as a whole. Do you still feel mentally, physically and emotionally good about it? If not, is it time to evaluate and update your overall life-style? Depend­ing on your current circumstances, should you consider free-lancing only part-time while bringing in a steady income from another source, or vice versa—drop full-time employment and devote more time to free-lancing?

When you’ve decided what you need to freshen your marketing approach and professional outlook, go back to square one and proceed just as you did when you first began. Establish short- and long-range goals. Your short-range goals might once again include printers’ price quotes and re­production of your work. Your long-range goal might be to set up ap­pointments with buyers in an untried marketing field with short-range goals of new market research and mailing-list preparation supporting the long-range goal. 3D Sign Letters Made Orange County.

Consistent re-evaluations keep your career fresh and growing. The form your marketing takes may change with time and experience, but mar­keting never stops. To be a successful graphic artist you must rely on marketing to let consumers know what your product or service is, that it’s available, and where and how to buy it. Otherwise you won’t be success­ful, no one knows who you are.


Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine, CA

Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine, CA

Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine, CA


Irvine graphic artist Chris Cotting teaches a class at the University of Irvine and puts out a special-interest flyer for the continuing education department. It lists his class and several others; of course, his class gets top billing. The university pays for the printing and postage and does the mailing. He creates the mailing list and gets a free promotional opportunity. He also designed the nameplate for the department's periodical newsletter and did the job gratis with the stipulation that he receive a credit line. The department also did a front-page feature in the premiere issue on her class and her work. It was all free exposure that elicited response.

Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine, CA

Chris also donates finished artwork and design services to Local PBS television station, to be auctioned off during its annual fund-raising event. Not only gets great publicity and the chance to see his work and name on quality television, but he also meets potential buyers by volunteering her time to work at the auction. He's received a job offer from a business owner and fellow volunteer while posting auction bids and has gotten names of contacts out of the blue by having his name recognized when working the phones.

Join organizations. For example, the chamber of commerce and the Rotary Club increase business con­tacts; if you're female, also investigate the local businesswomen's support groups that compile business directo­ries and recommend each other to their business contacts. Look in the Yellow Pages for other area business organizations that can be of use to you.

Most Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine cater to fine-art interests; if there is a local graphic-arts organization, join it im­mediately. (If not, think about start­ing one; someone has to take that brave first step.) Also investigate the national graphic-arts groups, such as the Graphic Artists Guild, the Artists Equity Association, and the National Cartoonists Society, which are con­cerned with professional standards, artists' rights, and fair business prac­tices. You might not be able to speak in person on these issues, but by joining such an organization, you're lending your financial support to oth­ers' efforts on your behalf.

Membership in interest-related or­ganizations promotes your profes­sional image and helps you keep abreast of what's occurring in your field. See the abbreviated listing in the Resources section following this chapter. For a more extensive compi­lation, check the Encylopedia of As­sociations, which lists names, ad­dresses, and functions of associations nationwide. It's indexed by subject and geographic location to help you in your search for the associations right for you and is available in Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine.

Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine, CA


Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine
Los Angeles Times

Local Business Signage Advertising in Irvine
Los Angeles weighs trade-offs in billboard removal
Los Angeles Times
L.A.'s proposal, currently in Councilman Jose Huizar's planning committee, calls for outdoor advertising companies to dismantle “more than one” square foot of existing signage for every square foot of new billboard the city approves. Dennis Hathaway

…via Los Angeles weighs trade-offs in billboard removal – Los Angeles Times



Developing your marketing tools

With client list in hand, you're ready to begin developing your marketing tools, always keeping in mind the types of clients you've selected, your method of contact, and your fi­nances. You've compiled a list of a manageable number of firms to con­tact with your work. To determine the types of tools you'll need for these contacts, answer these questions:

  • Am I contacting potential clients locally or nationwide?
  • Will I contact them in person,

through the mail, or both?

  • How much money have I alloca­ted to my marketing and promo­tion campaign?
  • How can I budget my money so that my marketing and promo­tion campaign is continuing ef­fort?marketing-tools

Local contacts are most frequently made in person or by telephone fol­lowed by an in-person review, and for you this means the production of a portfolio and leave-behind materials. Nationwide contacts are generally made through mailed submissions re­quiring that you first develop those tools that most clearly and fully com­municate who you are and what your work is, because they must function without benefit of your actual physi­cal presence. If both methods of con­tact are utilized, you need to develop a portfolio plus printed materials that can do double duty as leave-behinds and as mailed-submission enclosures.

In evaluating your financial re­sources relative to your marketing tools, first and foremost allocate the most money to the production of the best possible samples appropriate to your work, method of client contact, and market area. Decide which type of sample—slides, photographs, photostats, photocopies, tearsheets or original work—best exhibits your work within the framework of your client-contact method. Three exam­ples follow:

If your work is full-color, your method of contact is in person, and your client area is New York book publishers, be financially prepared to produce a top portfolio of color slides, photographs, or original work and tearsheets for the developing your marketing tools

If your potential clients and art­work are the same as above, but you method of contact is through the mail, you need to allocate sample money originally only to the produc tion of three to five slides or photo graphs that can easily be mailed; re member you will need as many duplicates as you have planned mailings.

If your artwork is black-and-white illustration and your clients are mag­azine publishers nationwide, allocate sample money for photographs, photostats, or photocopies for mailed submissions. If” your black-and-white illustration is to be reviewed locally by an ad agency, corporation, or medi­cal-complex public-relations director, allocate enough money to accommo­date an in-person portfolio review of photographs, photostats, original work, or tearsheets for developing your marketing tools

The amount of money you do spend depends, of course, on how much money you have to spend, but it can't be overstressed that you must direct the most money you can to the best samples. By analyzing exactly how you will be contacting your po­tential clients and investing in the best samples appropriate to your art­work, you'll put your best profession­al foot forward without overspending needlessly.

Next, determine which printed ma­terials you should develop. The possi­ble combinations of the tools are tremen­dous so, again, fall back on your method of contact, your type of art­work, and your client area for guid­ance in determining which tools you need at this point. You'll add to and build on these first pieces until you have a full complement of marketing and self-promotional pieces, but for now we're focusing on what you need to start with on a possibly limited budget. As you create individual printed pieces, evaluate the package they make as a whole. developing your marketing tools

“You have to manually develop your marketing tools on your own in order to obtain the results you seek,” said Jim Lenskold, President of the Lenskold Group. “It's getting better, and people are getting better, but there are ……via B2B Marketers Turn To Event Tools To Capture Behavioral Data

Content Marketing Tools and Tips for 2014 image cm2014 300×208 Are you struggling with developing your 2014 content marketing strategy? Are you re-evaluating your 2013 content marketing plan and wondering where ……via Content Marketing Tools and Tips for 2014 – Business 2 Community


Your Marketing Tools Sell your Work

Your marketing tools, the same ones that sell your work, can also work to sell you. To make the most of this dual opportunity, evaluate the message that each of your marketing tools conveys. Be aware that several tools—especially mailers and flyers—lend themselves to a quick self-pro­motional message, such as “I meet deadlines!” or “I listen to my clients— it’s profitable to work with someone who cares.” Your one tool now deliv­ers two messages—one about your work (visual) and one about you (written).

To decide what verbal message you want to pass along, first look into yourself. Make a list of all the quali­ties you bring to an art business rela­tionship. Flexibility? Diversity? Me­chanical skills? Meet deadlines regu­larly? Work well with people? Humor? Listen well? Know how to be a team member? Conscientious? Take direc­tion constructively? Contribute opin­ions? Responsible? These are the added elements that broaden your value: an art director needs to be able to rely on creative “team members” to complete projects satisfactorily and on time. You need to inform the client that you’re a talented business per­son who brings more than an illus­tration or design to clients.Your marketing tools

Your Marketing Tools Sell your Work

Applying Signage for Marketing Functions.


Applying signage for marketing functions holds immense rewards across separate forms of marketing promoting. Be certain your signs are commanding and your content line easily to interpret and identify. Do not establish the error of merchandising your identify, if the product verbal description is lacking or undecipherable. If you simply place the name (JOES) out there and you are not an demonstrated brand name such as McDonalds, ( we all acknowledge  when its observed or descried in the commercialising domain. In order to brand your merchandises in sight until you're well-situated, masses will acknowledge what you do once they see (JOES).
Make a point whatever platform you apply allows for you to individualize your contents. If citizenry check their personal public figure, they're more than likely to give the subject matter. Electronic mail* had better belong of crucial data interesting your business organisation and products. Also, include specialized offerings in your emails to lure fresh contributors. Make certain to take a minute to give thanks to somebody who established a purchase from you. You could in addition to need to inform them while standardised details come about sales event.Applying Signage for Marketing Functions.
If you know what your buyers explore for on the internet, you are able to determine what they  require. There are a few folks who'd sooner not acquire an e-mail, but would delight coming across your articles on a social networking web site. Be for certain to choose distinction of the matters that your competitor are practicing. Try to consider them from a different views. Employing studies will allow for you to acquire additional cognition on what your clients love. A few schemes function best than other people for dependable products. Look at the wareses that could be commercialised in various offices. Be constructive in your merchandising ideas.
Answering to purchaser feedback and researching fresh alternatives are the keys to arriving at your associate merchandising cause a bang. If your line of work is grounded, it's time to expand. Affiliate selling success might at and employ of this reports advice.
The functions of Sales and Marketing share almost identical goals – to drive revenue, increase profits and delight customers. And yet, in many (especially B2B) businesses, getting the two departments to actually work together ……via Why it's essential to align your sales and marketing functions

Google Shopping Rolls Out Functions for the Festive Rush. By Tim Maytom | on November 24, 2014 | 0 Comment … Tim Maytom is a reporter for Mobile Marketing Magazine. No Responses to “Google Shopping Rolls Out Functions for the ……via Google Shopping Rolls Out Functions for the Festive Rush | Mobile

Nowhere else in the executive suite of a typical corporation are two functions as closely intertwined as sales and marketing. Yet for all the shared responsibility, the marketing and sales relationship has often been a ……via Put the “and” Back in “Sales and Marketing


Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles

Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles


Airports, large bus terminals, a sports arena or stadium are all examples of facilities that have a high percentage of first-time visitors. Many of these visitors are also in a hurry to board an airplane or find their seat before the game starts. They need to have specific information in the proper time sequence at the point of decision. For example, the airplane passenger must determine quickly the corridor or area of the terminal and the specific gate his plane will leave from. Signs directing visitors to their destination must be large, easily read from long distances, and well placed so that they can be conveniently seen above moving crowds. Directional signs must be located at every point of decision so that there is no doubt in the visitor's mind whether to turn right, left, or go straight ahead. Marketing for these kinds of facilities should stand out clearly from the architectural environment and be bold and colorful.
Planning a system for a large office building can be approached somewhat differently. While it too has a high percentage of first-time visitors, time is not as great a factor. The internal arrangement of the building may be very complex with security or restricted areas requiring a complete system of interior directional signs; it may also have many floors, requiring a system of floor directories at elevator lobbies. Office building signs usually require flexibility; names and titles on doors and desk signs are subject to frequent change. In general, when working on an office complex the designer can plan things that are smaller in size, with less color, and which relate more closely to the building design than when designing for an airport.
World's fairs and large amusement parks are examples of projects with long distances between areas or buildings on complicated sites. These require elaborate systems of exterior signs which may include map-type directories to help orient the visitors, nearly all of whom are there for the first time.
Another factor strongly influencing the planning of a system for a world's fair is that many visitors do not speak the same language as that of the host country. Some of the language problems can be resolved by using pictograms or international symbols. But the designer must also plan to supplement these symbols with copy translated into several languages.
By contrast with the large projects mentioned above, a small commercial office building will need very few signs. Most of the building users are employees and the few daily visitors are self-directed to specific offices by referring to the building directory, usually a simple alphabetical listing including room and floor numbers.
For example, a business may have established requirements, goals, and functionality for their marketing site, but maybe they haven't developed a content strategy—or they have only marketing research, but haven't performed ….. the extreme relation that your model have with the Golden Circle Theory that Simon Sinek presented in “Start with Why” – Summing it up, it's a book about how we normally do things starting with “What” (Example: a Website, … Related Articles ……via CUBI: A User Experience Model for Project Success | UX Magazine

Meanwhile, the sport is becoming big business. … The three big companies—Tough Mudder LLC, Red Frog Events (Warrior Dash) and Spartan Race—raked in a combined $150 million at least in 2012, according to Outside magazine. … A November article in the Annals of Emergency Medicine described a single weekend last year in which a Pennsylvania hospital received 38 emergency patients from a Tough Mudder event, including several who suffered electrical ……via Extreme sports are more popular than ever, prompting questions

Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles
Daily Beast

Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles
Conservatives Rejoice as Democrats Falter
Daily Beast
And, in keeping with the “wave” election designation, Republicans won gubernatorial races in blue states like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland, while (as I write this) narrowly trailing in Vermont. But the Senate battle was always the marquee

and more »

…via Conservatives Rejoice as Democrats Falter – Daily Beast

Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles
New York Magazine

Magazine Article Submission Site. Extreme Business Articles
How the Snowden Leaks Gave Pierre Omidyar a Cause — and an Enemy
New York Magazine
“We're thinking about how to do journalism structurally differently.” At the time of Omidyar's visit, a second site, Racket, was also revving up for its launch. Headed by the polemical magazine writer Matt Taibbi, it was going to offer scabrous satire

and more »

…via How the Snowden Leaks Gave Pierre Omidyar a Cause — and an Enemy – New York Magazine



Submit Articles for Business Advertising

Submit Articles for Business Advertising:


Generically, a articles is simply a case for your samples. articles come in all sizes and levels of quality—as simple as a three-ring note¬book; as expensive as a custom-made, handcrafted leather binder. The most common articles is the black vinyl case, zippered on three sides, with or without handles. The 8V2″ by 11″ size is the most convenient to carry, but the least acceptable if your original artwork is slightly larger and you don't want to have it all reproduced. Consider, then, the 11″ by 14″ size, which is large enough to accommo¬date much original artwork, yet small enough to be manageable on top of a client's desk. articles larger than 11″ by 14″ tend to be awkward for desktop viewing when opened. The larger cases can be considered if you anticipate placing your articles on the floor and handing artwork or storyboards one by one to the potential customer.
Most “standard” cases have pockets for loose pieces or leave-behinds; they are available in three-ring or toothed (twenty-eight-ring) binder styles or with no binder spine. When selecting a case, consider your finances, the size of works to be placed in it, pro¬fessional appearance, and intended use. (Some free-lancers work entirely by mail and seldom if ever present a articles. A articles that is only for your personal use may be less expen¬sive than one to be presented to a po¬tential client.)
A articles case becomes your portfolio once it holds your samples. As the chief communicator for you and your artwork, it should present fifteen to twenty of your very best pieces. If the articles does its job,
the person who reviews it will remember the outstanding pieces; know when, why, how, and for whom they were created, and see the range of your talent.
Always direct the articles to the in-terests and needs of the client you're approaching. If your goal is an as¬signment with an ad agency, don't fill it with greeting-card samples—and vice versa. A articles isn't static; edit it before each showing. Market-re¬searching the fields and prospects which interest you will fine-tune your choice of appropriate samples for each presentation. 
Works can be grouped according to subject matter (children, sports, au-tomobiles) or by materials used (pen-and-ink drawings, watercolors, mark¬er drawings).
If you're a beginning artist, school work can be placed in the articles. But be very selective: include pieces that received special praise from an instructor, were chosen for a school exhibit, or won an award. And be sure this work also pertains to your chosen market area. If not, don't show it; you'll only confuse the client.
If you have no formal art training, believe your school work is not what you want to present, or feel your sam¬ples are outdated, work up several projects as if you were doing them for a client. Present yourself with an as¬signment just as an art director would, and carry it out. You have an advantage here: you can assign your-self projects that fit the services you can best deliver while developing a professional-appearing articles.
Image from page 427 of
Image by Internet Archive Book Images via Flickr

Image from page 742 of
Image by Internet Archive Book Images via Flickr
Fortunately for aspiring business owners, information is one thing that is most shared on the internet. Continue reading to learn some excellent article … Also, you don't need to be scared of changing your ads up every once in a while by using various graphics or text. It takes some time to find what is the best fit, but it is … Include the address of your website in every article you submit and people who enjoy your article will check out your site. TIP! Read the rules of the article directory….via Article Advertising Advice That Is Easy To Understand

American Eagle's strategy stands in contrast to that of Victoria's Secret, which recently faced backlash for an ad of its lingerie models with the caption “The Perfect 'Body.'” Even though the slogan referenced Victoria's Secret's 'Body' lingerie line, many said that the … OR. Login With Facebook Login With Twitter Login With Google. Submit the comment for Insider Status … These articles have been added to your Google activity log. You can remove them here: Options ……via Aerie Lingerie Ads Without PhotoShop – Business Insider

The most anticipated UK advertising event of the year is finally upon us: John Lewis has released its 2014 Christmas ad. Watch it now: Every year the launch of the department store's TV commercial is a national event. The ad ……via John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014 – Business Insider


Advertising with Videos


Considering advertising connection of marketings within a group, if only one is inside lighted, it will certainly appear misplaced unless there is some really unique factor for emphasizing it. The amount of ambient light falling on each could vary notably, but as long as marketings are legible, the eye will adjust to that variation.
While existing lighting may be sufficient for most hanging or wall-mounted marketings, it is often poor for lighting big visuals wall surfaces, or large building advertisings The majority of installations light walls unequally, creating scallops of brighter light. The quantity of ambient light landeding on each marketing or letter could vary substantially, but so long as advertisings are legible, the eye will adjust to that variation.
For lighting graphic wall surface deadvertisings, which might prolong from floor to ceiling, it is frequently preferable to mount “wall-washers.” These incandescent fixtures are engineered to be mounted flush with the ceiling and also to light a wall equally. Illumination manufacturers could supply technological info regarding such components.
“Framing projectors” are unique incandescent fixtures which are useful for brightening an advertising or graphic item extremely dramatically. For example, if the deadvertisinger wishes to highlight a sculpted, gold-leaf advertising and marketing in a dimly lighted restaurant, this fixture could be adapted to light the exact location of the marketing.
Floodlighting is a much less precise method of lighting an interior advertising and marketing or special graphic. Spotlights could be partly built into the ceiling, yet this is difficult unless planned for as component of the building construction. Contact us listed below for a cost-free price quote.
Interior Illumination. Inside lighted marketings are rarely utilized for projects such as workplace buildings, bankings, healthcare facilities, schools, and similar centers. There are exceptions, such as directories or exit advertisings which are sometimes internally lighted. Building codes differ throughout the country, yet some do re ¬ quire leave advertising and marketings to be illuminated, particularly for theaters which have rigid leave needs.
By comparison, within shopping centers, marketings identifying spe ¬ cialty shops, shops, restaurants, and so forth are typically lighted outward. What has actually formerly been stated concerning numerous inter ¬ nal illumination strategies for outside advertising and marketings applies just as well here.
FUNCTIONAL FACTORS Outside advertising and marketings
Size and Shape. The dimension of outside advertisings is typically closely pertaining to the dimension of duplicate they display. The standard dimension of the copy message relies on 2 aspects: just how long the message is and also exactly how far it should be clear. Legibility of all exte ¬ rior advertising and marketings is influenced by a number of factors, Any exterior advertising, such as one providing car parking directions which needs the vehicle driver to quit, decrease, or alter directions, must be readable from a greater-than-normal distance, permitting the driver time to re ¬ spond to whatever instructions are suggested.
After the letter height for a specific advertising has actually been hinder ¬ mined, rough layouts of the copy message can be made. If the fundamental shape of the advertising and marketing panel has actually not been determined, these layouts can aid in identifying its last shape. For example, a freestanding marketing could involve a six-word message. Let's think you use 12-inch high letters, it may not be functional to run the message in just one line. This would certainly make the advertising and marketing over 30 feet long. By attempting harsh duplicate layouts in 2 or 3 lines, the deadvertisinger can determine a suitable panel dimension. At the very same time, the deadvertisingers need to check out vari ¬ ous forms, in his hunt for a shape that will comply with all need ¬ ments
. Elements to Consider For marketing Places.
It can be assumed that basic locations of all advertising and marketings will be established throughout the preparing phase. The basic 1ocations need to be based after a cautious analysis of alreadying existing website and structure strategies, parking lot designs, etc. Just before deadvertisinging any marketings for particular places, it is handy to check out the existing site as well as make a photo study of all essential disorders. Such conditions may consist of corners of the site, significant street crossways, building entrances, as well as other scenarios for where marketings are intended to be located.
Photos must be taken from the approach used by regular customers; this will certainly aid the advertising deadvertisinger picture trees or architectural obstructions, which may not be shown on strategies. Of course, if advertisings are for a new project, the deadvertisinger has to refer to landscape and lights plans or collaborate with specialists who can revise the place of trees or light if they contravene vital advertising and marketings. For both brand-new as well as present tasks, the utmost size of trees have to be thought about to stop future growth from shutting out advertisings. Various other standard elements to consider are:
1. The basic internal operations of the buildings or project If the job is a vehicle parking framework, the deadvertisinger should evaluate strategies that the engineer or parking expert has actually produced suggesting traffic circulation.
2. The movement of automobile and also pedestrian website traffic within the website. advertising and marketings need to lie for optimal result for web traffic circulation.
3. Bodily attributes of the building such as columns, predicting covers, overhangs, anything that could disrupt prepared locations of the advertisings.
4. Temporary sight-line blockages. Pedestrians or cars could temporarily obstruct sight-lines, unless marketings are 1ocated over these obstructions.
5. The connection between numerous marketings, either alreadying existing or planned for. This have to be taken into consideration to avoid inter ¬ ference with sight lines.
6. Number of instructions where the advertising and marketing have to be watched. A directional advertising and marketing at a road or road intersection may need info on 2, 3, or four sides.
7. The visual angle from which an advertising and marketing is usually watched The angle as gauged on strategies between the line of site as well as the face of the advertising and marketing should not be much less compared to around 60 levels to stay away from interfering with clarity.
8. All significant advertising codes regulating areas and also elevation needs. For any sort of advertising in or predicting over a public sidewalk, clearance measurements are moderated by most regional marketing codes.
9. Area of advertisings needing a vehicle to stop, decrease or transform. Such marketings must be positioned much enough from the factor of decision for the driver to make the turn or quit. This relies on the rate of the car.
Much more exterior than indoor advertising and marketings are freestanding and lit up. They are much more viewed from many instructions, which recommends that must have duplicate on two to 4 sides. We have the experience to deadvertising, make, set up, with the optimal marketing place. Please visit our website for more information.